What Is Oncology? Who Is An Oncologist?

Oncology is the medical field that studies cancer progression, diagnosis, causes, treatment, and its relation with inheritance. Oncology is referred as “cancer science” in Turkish. Oncology is a subspecialty of internal medicine.


Professionals who specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of solid tissue, and blood and lymphatic system cancers are called oncologists. Today, oncology id divided into subsections:

  • Gynecological oncology. Oncology specialty that related with diagnosis and treatment of cancers of female reproductive system organs.
  • Medical oncology. Oncology branch that specialized on chemotherapy treatment of cancers.
  • Pediatric oncology. Oncology specialty about the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancers.
  • Radiation oncology. Oncology specialty on radiotherapy, which is a method of cancer treatment.
  • Surgical oncology. Oncology branch that covers surgical operations for biopsy and tumor removal procedures.